Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation


How It Works

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation is a private philanthropic fund established by the Dans as a means of supporting an important cause they both care deeply about - helping animals.

In addition to the Dans' contributions, all proceeds from merchandise sales, and generous donations from friends, family, and supporters of the cause go directly into the fund.

Neeko's Foundation then issues grants to Canadian charities championing animal welfare efforts.

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation

How It Started

Named after our adorable pup Neeko, we could think of no better way to share our love of animals than to start a Foundation in his honour. We believe all dogs, cats, cows, and otherwise are capable of feelings and emotions just like people. Neeko reminds us of that every single day.


Former Grant Recipients

Paws Across the Water

A foster-based, non-profit based out of Erin, Ontario (Dan's hometown!) finding homes for strayed or abandoned dogs.

Learn more about Paws Across the Water.

GLO Farm Sanctuary

Provides a safe and loving forever home to rescued farm animals, using ethical veganism principles to put "compassion in action".

Learn more about GLO Farm Sanctuary.

Animal Justice

Leading the legal fight for animals across Canada, passing new animal protection laws and holding industries accountable for abuse.

Learn more about Animal Justice.

Former Grant Recipients

Free Korean Dogs

Korea is the only country that still commercially farms dogs for food. This charity rescues dogs from the meat trade and other at-risk circumstances to find their forever loving homes in Canada.

Learn more about Free Korean Dogs.

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers creates free educational programming to create a generation of conservationists to protect animals and their habitats, and show children that the things we do today will matter tomorrow.

Learn more about Earth Rangers.

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

A lifelong home for donkeys who are unwanted, neglected or abused, envisioning a world in which the dignity and worth of all creatures are recognized and respected.

Learn more about The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

Former Grant Recipients

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation

Happily Ever Esther Sanctuary

It all began with a little piglet named "Esther", and turned into a sanctuary that now rescues abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals, providing them with a safe, life-long home.

Learn more about Happily Ever Esther.

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation

Redemption Paws

A foster-based, shelter free rescue dedicated to helping at-risk dogs affected by natural disasters and climate change find new homes across Ontario, from Waterloo to Prince Edward County.

Learn more about Redemption Paws.

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation

Earthsave Canada

A Vancouver-based charity since 1989, advocating the move toward a plant-based diet for compassion toward animals, environmental sustainability, and better health.

Learn more about Earthsave Canada.

Neeko's Foundation is operated through Gift Funds Canada.

Follow the link to Gift Funds' EasyDonate site to give. Donors are entitled to claim their charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation

The Dans

Dan & Dan are husbands who live in New York City - Hadad works at the Sinai Health Foundation, Fricker works at AMC TV, and they run a vacation rental business out of Prince Edward County.

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